Monday, January 31, 2011

Why Huckabee is Right About Threat of Egyptian Unrest

Earlier today Mike Huckabee, who is currently in Israel, we reported that he believes the current state of unrest in Egypt has the potential to threaten peace the world over. Here's an article from the The Jerusalem Post that explains why he's right.

Mohammed El Baradei, the man who hopes to succeed Egyptian Mubarak, previously used his position as head of the IAEA to help Iran cover up its nuclear weapons program. His actions "won him the support of the Iranian regime."

El Baradei is also a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization sworn to the destruction of Israel.

If El Baradei takes over power in Egypt, the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel is doomed and the Israelis will once again be surrounded by Islamic fundamentalists who seek to eliminate them from the face of the Earth.

At the very least, Egypt will become an Islamist regime and a major base for Hamas, al-Qaida, and spread of global jihad. At worst, all out war in the Middle East - which can easily spill over to involve nations around the world - would become much, much more likely.


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"Elbaradei’s support for the Iranian ayatollahs is matched by his support for the Muslim Brotherhood. This group, which forms the largest and best-organized opposition movement to the Mubarak regime, is the progenitor of Hamas and al-Qaida. It seeks Egypt’s transformation into an Islamic regime that will stand at the forefront of the global jihad."
- Column One: The pragmatic fantasy (view on Google Sidewiki)

Huckabee to Knesset: "Egypt situation could threaten world."

Mike Huckabee happens to be travelling in the middle-east during the recent outbreak of unprecedented civil unrest in Egypt. Speaking to the Israeli Knesset, Huckabee said that the situation, if it continues to worsen and destabilizes the middle-east, could "threaten the world and all those who seek peace and security."


in reference to: Mike Huckabee: Egypt situation could threaten world - Israel News, Ynetnews (view on Google Sidewiki)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The "Phantom" Primary

Here's a good Boston Globe article about the difference between the 2008 primaries and the upcoming 2012 primaries. Unlike last time, none of the major candidates (Huckabee, Romney, Palin) has announced their candidacies. There are many reasons for this, all covered adequately in the article, but I think I can add a bit more:

1) Mike Huckabee was not even on the national radar at this point in the 2008 election, and - with no money for a major advertising effort - he didnt become a factor in the election until the nationally televised debates that occurred AFTER the American people started paying attention (summer 2008). Yet look what he acheived. On the strength of his knowledge, record, personality, and performance in the debates Huckabee experienced the now-famous "Huckabee Surge" in the Fall of 2008 that led to a victory in the Iowa Caucus and a very narrow loss in South Carolina (by 1% point). Had he won South Carolina, many people think he might have gone on to win the nomination. I beleive that Huckabee learned from this experience that there is little need for him to slog his way around the country campaigning for months before the American people actually start paying attention. If he runs, he'll be a smarter, more experienced, and even BETTER candidate than before.

2) Mitt Romney learned the same lesson, I believe, although much more painfully. Unlike Huckabee, who learned what he could do with almost NO money, Romney learned how little it mattered to spend MILLIONS on advertising and sophisticated strategists (much of it his own money) before the American people are paying attention. He advertised ceaslessly for MONTHS in Iowa and elsewhere, only to get trounced.

Of course, part of that trouncing might also have had something to do with Romney being unable to sell his flip-flops on things like abortion, gun-control, gay marriage, and (now) government-run health care.

in reference to: Presidential hopefuls hold back in GOP’s silent winter - The Boston Globe (view on Google Sidewiki)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Huckabee in Middle East, Weighs in on Egyptian Unrest

Mike Huckabee, currently in Israel, weighs in on unrest in Egypt:

New Poll: Huckabee Front Runner in NC, WV

Mike Huckabee's position as the clear frontrunner in the upcoming race for the GOP nomination for president continues to improve. Already leading in key states like Iowa, Pennsylvania, Alabama, and Texas, new polling released today puts Huckabee WAY out front in West Virginia and North Carolina.

And the news continues to worsen for Mitt Romney, who came in an embarrassing 4th place in each poll.

"The results continue a trend of great news for Huckabee," the authors say. "He's...soaking up a huge portion of the conservative vote while still appealing to moderates."

Mike Huckabee, the authentic Christian conservative, is the GOP's choice - and America's choice - for president in 2012.

Onward and upward,


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"The results continue a trend of great news for Huckabee. He's taken the top slot in a number of recent PPP polls, soaking up a huge portion of the conservative vote while still appealing to moderates."
- Poll: Conservative Support Puts Huckabee On Top In WV, NC Primaries | TPMDC (view on Google Sidewiki)

Friday, January 28, 2011

POLITICO: #Romney Losing Key Supporters in IA, NH, SC, FL

The outlook for Mitt Romney's presidential aspirations continues to dim. Running behind Mike Huckabee in early polling - including surprising places where he should be strongest (New Jersey, for example) - Romney is now seeing support he had from key GOP insiders in critical primary states melt away.

Politico just published this article saying "In each of the traditional early states, top Romney supporters from the last campaign tell Politico that they're hesitant to get behind [Romney]."

I guess politically expedient flip-flopping on key social issues like abortion, gun control, gay marriage, and government-run healthcare finally caught up to him.


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The front-runner Mike Huckabee

Here's a well-written piece by the Iowa Defense Alliance. Check it out!

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"Meanwhile Huckabee has Iowa voters who are quietly and diligently working to be ready to jump into action."
- The front-runner Mike Huckabee « Iowa Defense Alliance (view on Google Sidewiki)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Huckmentum:" Conservative Support Shifting From Palin, Gingrich."

Here's an article published today that analyzes the results of all the recent polls and determines (as said here days ago) that Mike Huckabee "may be emerging as THE front runner."

Interestingly, the author says, Huckabee's rise in the polls is due to a shift of conservative support to Huckabe - away from Palin and Gingrich.

Not only that, the author says, the electorate has become more conservative since the 2008 election, which is great for Huckabee but horrible for Mitt Romney, who posts the worst favorability ratings among conservatives.

Furthermore, the author states, Huckabee has "demonstrated a unique ability to draw support from both moderate and conservative Republicans" - a CRUCIAL element to win the GOP nomination.

Onward and upward,


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"Huckabee's surge in the PPP poll is largely the result of a conservative shift away from Palin and Gingrich and toward the former Arkansas governor"
- Huckmentum? Mike Huckabee Polling Well In 2012 Primaries | TPMDC (view on Google Sidewiki)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

NJ Poll: "Good News for Huckabee, Bad News for Romney."

Public Policy Polling just released a new poll showing a huge surge for Mike Huckabee in New Jersey, of all places. Huckabee is polling a full 10 points higher in New Jersey than he did in 2008 while Romney is polling a full 10 points lower than 2008. "Huckabee's performance (in New Jersey) shows strenght for him outside his home base in the South," says the author. On the other hand, "if there is anywhere that Romney should really be strong it the northeast, but he' polling 10 points behind..."

Pay attention, GOP. Huckabee is the ONLY authentic, Christian conservative in the mix, and he's who America wants.


in reference to: Public Policy Polling: Good news for Huckabee, bad news for Romney in NJ (view on Google Sidewiki)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Evangelical Romney Supporter Urges "New Litmus Test"

It appears Mitt Romney may have figured out that he can't run from his record on abortion and gay marriage. After trying - and failing- to deny his record in 2008, Romney appears to taking a new tactic: Change the rules!

According to MSN, "a well-connected figure in the evangelical community and Mitt Romney supporter sent a memo last week to Christian conservatives urging them to consider 'a new litmus test' beyond traditional cultural values."

I think that just about says it all about the flip-flopper, don't you?


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"“Mark DeMoss, a well-connected figure in the evangelical community and Mitt Romney supporter, sent a memo last week to Christian conservatives urging them to consider ‘a new litmus test’ beyond traditional cultural issues,”"
- First Read - 2012: The waiting game (view on Google Sidewiki)

VIDEO: Mike Huckabee on Political Correctness (Hilarious!)

Check out this hilarious commentary by Mike Huckabee about political correctness. By the way, I know him well enough to know that he very likely pulled off this entire segment without notes or a teleprompter.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

FLASHBACK: Huckabee - Better Ideas for Health Care Reform

We started blogging for Huckabee way back in 2005, talking about his ideas for health care form that were based on his successful model in Arkansas. Unlike Obama, Huckabee doesn't believe the Federal government can - or should - be the solution.

The solution, Huckabee rightly says, is to create a system that REWARDS good health practices (instead of just treating disease) and encourages PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for one's health.

Check out this post from 2009 that recaps it:

in reference to: Mike Huckabee President 2012: Huckabee: Better Ideas for Health Care Reform (view on Google Sidewiki)

Friday, January 21, 2011

BREAKING: New PPP poll shows Frontrunner Huckabee lead expanding

Wow. Public Policy Polling just released a new poll that confirms - beyond any doubt - that Mike Huckabee is THE clear favorite and frontrunner among GOP voters. In today's poll results, Huckabee garners 24% support nationally, far outpacing both Palin and Romney whose support has fallen to 14% each. Gingrich gets just 11%, and everybody else is stuck in single digits.

"This month's numbers are indicative of an ongoing problem for Romney," the authors say. "Conservatives just don't like him..."

About Palin, the authors say, "her problem is not that GOP voters don't like her...They just don't think she's presidential material."

We couldn't agree more. Onward and upward!

in reference to: Public Policy Polling (view on Google Sidewiki)

Frontrunner Huckabee: Decision about 2012 race "in summer."

Governor Huckabee said in an interview yesterday that he has not ruled out running for president, but he will not make a final decision until sometime this summer. Huckabee, who is the frontrunner in a recent ABC News national poll as well as in several important state polls including Iowa, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Texas, can afford to take his time. The publication of his new book next month, and subsequent book tour, will give him a highly visible presence in key primary states through the spring and early summer.

Run, Governor. Your country needs you.


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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Frontrunner Huckabee Leads Florida

In addition to polls showing Huckabee leads all contenders in Iowa, Alabama, Pennsylvania, and Texas, here's a poll showing he also leads in the critical electoral state of Florida.

Onward and upward!


in reference to: Huckabee leads Florida in early 2012 poll | The American Independent (view on Google Sidewiki)

Frontrunner Huckabee Lavishing Attention on Iowa, South Carolina

As poll after poll shows that Mike Huckabee is the frontrunner for the GOP nomination for president in 2012, the Governor gives us a clear sign that he plans to run.

His new book titled "A Simple Government" will be published next month. Plans for his accompanying book tour show that he will be lavishing attention on Iowa and South Carlolina - two early primary states that will play a critical role in deciding who gets the nomination.

Of the 40 cities Huckabee will visit on the tour, one-quarter of them are in Iowa in South Carolina.


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"Huckabee will be spending more than a quarter of his 40-city tour in two states that play a major role in determining who the GOP presidential nominee will be in 2012."
- Huckabee’s book tour lavishes attention on Iowa, South Carolina – CNN Political Ticker - Blogs (view on Google Sidewiki)

New Poll: Frontrunner Huckabee CRUSHING Romney. Palin in Iowa

More evidence that Huckabee is THE frontrunner. His lead in the crucial first caucus state of Iowa continues to expand. Huckabee is now CRUSHING the flip-flopper (Romney) 28% to 19%. Sarah Palin's fall to Huckabee is further confirmed, coming in a distant third with just 12.4%.

Onward and upward!


in reference to: Poll: Mike Huckabee leads potential 2012 GOP field in Iowa (view on Google Sidewiki)

Frontrunner Huckabee Tops ABC News National Poll

The evidence that Mike Huckabee is THE front runner for the 2012 GOP nomination continues to pile up. In addition to leading several states' polls including Iowa, Texas, Alabama, and Pennsylvania, Huckabee has now come out on top in a national poll just released by ABC News.

According to ABC News, 21% of respondents to the national poll of Republican voters selected Mike Huckabee as their choice for president. Huckabee is followed by Sarah Palin (19%).

Mitt Romney comes in third place at a paltry 17%, despite having spent millions of dollars of his own money in his failed 2008 effort.

Interestingly, regarding Palin, the article references a poll issued last month that indicated big problems looming for Palin. 59% of Americans said they would not even consider voting for Palin for president - including 36% of Republicans, "a large group to lose even before the race has begun," the author said.

MIke Huckabee, the front runner, is the GOP's choice - and he is AMERICA'S choice.

Onward and upward,

in reference to:
"Twenty-one percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents in this ABC News/Washington Post poll favor Mike Huckabee for their party’s nomination; 19 percent back Sarah Palin and 17 percent prefer Mitt Romney. The numbers don’t change significantly when results are narrowed to registered voters: Huckabee 20 percent, Romney 18, Palin 16."
- GOP War Horses Lead the 2012 Parade - The Numbers (view on Google Sidewiki)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

TIME Adds to Huckabee's Front Runner Status.

Further adding to Mike Huckabee's front runner status, TIME's Joe Klein published a great article today saying that people should keep an eye on him in the race for the 2012 GOP
nomination. "He's got skills. He's funny, decent and will, on occasion, violate the lockstep rigors of his party," Klein said.

"I make no predictions," Klien concludes. "But I'll be surprised if Huckabee isn't in the mix."

Onward and upward!


in reference to: Watch This Space - Swampland - (view on Google Sidewiki)

New Poll: Huckabee way ahead in Texas!

The states in which polls show Mike Huckabee leading for the GOP nomination continue to pile up. This time its Texas, one of the most electorally important states. Not only does Huckabee lead in Texas, he is way out front with 24% support, followed by Gingrich and Palin (tied 17%).

Once again, Romney-the-flip-flopper lags behind (tied with Ron Paul at an embarassing 10%).

Onward and upward!


in reference to: Public Policy Polling: Perry lags in Texas (view on Google Sidewiki)

The Hill: "Huckabee enjoys best net-favorable ratings"

The Hill published a great article this week outlining Mike Huckabee's net-favorability rankings compared to all the other potential candidates. He is number 1!


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"favorable impression with Republicans among potential candidates for president in 2012, a new poll said Monday."
- Huckabee enjoys best net-favorable opinion with GOP voters - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room (view on Google Sidewiki)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Poll: Huckabee Leads Alabama

Here's a poll showing that Huckabee continues to lead in a growing list of GOP primary states. He outperforms his next nearest competitor (Palin) by 10 percentage points in Alabama. Huckabee has 33 percent of Alabama's support compared to Palin's 23 percent.

Romney the flip-flopper came in third place with a pathetic 12% showing.

Onward and upward,


in reference to: Alabama poll: Mike Huckabee is 2012 front-runner - Jonathan Martin - (view on Google Sidewiki)

David Frum: Palin's Base "Melting Away" to Huckabee

David Frum, a widely known and highly respected political pundit and reporter, just published a blog saying that he believes Sarah Palin's base is rapidly melting away to Mike Huckabee.

Her continued misteps in the media, capped off by her self-serving response to criticism of her in the wake of the tragic Tucson shootings, has conviced her base to look elsewhere, says Frum.

And that "elsewhere" is an easy decision, he says. None other than Mike Huckabee.

Welcome former Sarah Palin supporters. Let's go win back America for conservatives.


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"Suppose you are a faith & family voter: strongly socially conservative, strongly opposed to Barack Obama. By now you have thoroughly absorbed the idea that Palin is electorally radioactive. Quietly, you may also have your own reservations about Palin’s character, temperament and judgment. If you didn’t have an alternative, you might have to stick to her. But you do have an alternative: in fact it’s your own first choice from 2008. Easy call, yes?"
- Huckabee Wins the Palin Interview | FrumForum#comment-231642#comment-231642 (view on Google Sidewiki)

Huckabee to Back Petition to Repeal Obamacare

GOP front-runner Mike Huckabee reiterated his support for repealing Obamacare today, saying that he will back a massive national petition drive to do so.

"We were told - and sold - everything except the truth about the details in the health care act," noted Huckabee... "And then, despite a majority of Americans rejecting this massive change in public policy, Congress enacted it anyway. That's not the way its supposed to work in our representative democracy."


in reference to: Mike Huckabee Backs Health Care Repeal | Sunshine State News (view on Google Sidewiki)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

Shaftan is obviously a Romney hack and is living in a self-imposed dream world. His interpretation of these poll results is NOT what the results showed. If he seriously thinks that the flip-flopper will win Iowa over an Authentic Christian Conservative whomever paid for this survey got ripped off - unless it was Romney who paid for it, which is likely.

in reference to:
"… Huckabee and Romney are clearly the top two contenders and Romney, despite being in second, has a more motivated voter and ultimately would probably edge out Huckabee if the caucus were today"
- Huck and Mitt in Iowa - Ben Smith - (view on Google Sidewiki)

Friday, January 14, 2011

New Poll: Huckabee Leads in Pennsylvania

The parade of polls showing Mike Huckabee as the GOP front runner for the 2012 nomination continue to roll in. The newest poll shows Huckabee leading in Pennsylvania by a significant margin.

It's amazing to me, beginning this process as the front runner. In 2005, at this stage in the election, almost no one had ever even heard of Mike Huckabee. Yet, on the strength of his record, personality, speaking skills, and Christian convictions he rose to win the Iowa Caucus and came within a whisker of winning the following primary in South Carolina (which would have likely propelled him to the nomination).

If he could do THAT last time, imagine what he can do this time.

Run, Mike, Run! Your country needs you.


in reference to:

"Mike Huckabee leads the GOP field in Pennsylvania in hypothetical 2012 presidential primary matchups,"
- PPP Poll: Huckabee Ahead In 2012 Pennsylvania Primary | TPMDC (view on Google Sidewiki)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Salon: Huckabee Well Positioned to Win Nomination

Check out this new article from that contains this great observation about the 2012 GOP race: "The most underreported aspect of the '12 race right now may be how well-positioned [Huckabee] is to win the nomination."



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"The most underreported aspect of the '12 race right now may be how well-positioned he is to win the nomination."
- OK, so it's not going to be Sarah Palin in '12 ... - War Room - (view on Google Sidewiki)

Great Huckabee for President Blog

Here's a big shout-out to, which does a fabulous job of keeping the Huckabee army informed. Check 'em out.


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GOP Frontrunner Huckabee Jams with Def Leppard

Check it out. Pyromania, baby.


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"Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee on bass jamming with Def Leppard rocker Phil Collen on lead guitar.They were among the eclectic line-up of professional and part-time musicians who came to the Anaheim Convention Center on Wednesday to kick off the 2011 NAMM Show, a massive music-products convention that runs through Sunday."
- Gov. Huckabee jams with Def Leppard at NAMM | huckabee, music, guitar - News - The Orange County Register (view on Google Sidewiki)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Poll: Huckabee Rockin', Romney Suckin'

Public Policy Polling released new data this week that continues to solidify evidence that Huckabee is emerging as the GOP and GOP-leaning electorate's choice for 2012. Not only that, but Flip-flop King Mitt Romney is sinking in the polls.

Says Public Policy Polling: "Huckabee's the obvious winner...Romney is running 7 points behind his level of support for 2008 and appears to have little room to grow."

Sorry, Romney. You just can't hide from your liberal past, no matter how much you flip-flop. America doesnt want an ambition-motivated political opportunist as President. We want a person who has earned it, deserves it, and seeks only to serve the interests of all Americans.


in reference to: Public Policy Polling (view on Google Sidewiki)

Monday, January 10, 2011

CNN: Huckabee "Most Liked" Among 2012 GOP'ers

Here's yet another article, this one from CNN's Political Ticker, saying that Gov. Mike Huckabee is emerging as the clear leader among all GOP candidates for the 2012 nomination. According to the article, "Huckabee appears to have the clear advantage out of the gate when it comes to the 2012 battle for the GOP nomination, enjoying significantly higher net-favorability rankings and name identification...than any other potential candidate."


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"Mike Huckabee appears to have the clear advantage out of the gate when it comes to the 2012 battle for the GOP presidential nomination, enjoying a significantly higher net-favorability rating and name identification among national Republicans than any other potential candidate."
- Poll: Huckabee most liked, Palin provokes most negative reaction – CNN Political Ticker - Blogs (view on Google Sidewiki)

Sunday, January 09, 2011

The Guardian: Huckabee "Pulling Away from the Pack"

The Guardian, one of the UK's top news organizations takes an objective look at the current stable of 2012 GOP candidates and determines that Mike Huckabee is well worth watching.


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