Thursday, November 29, 2007

Real Clear Politics: "Huckabee Is For Real."

Check out this great analysis by Real Clear Politics...the talk has begun..."forget Iowa, Huckabee might win the nomination."


Huckabee is For Real

By John McIntyre

It is not about Iowa only any more. Mike Huckabee has a real shot to be the Republican nominee.

Intrade now has Huckabee at 55.1 and Romney at 38.0. Those markets are correctly pricing the race. Romney is now the underdog in Iowa.

An important signal to watch for over the next month will be whether Huckabee overtakes Romney in the national polls leading up to Iowa. If that were to happen concurrently with Huckabee continuing to head toward a win in Iowa that would be an important tell that Republican voters are moving toward ultimately a Huckabee vs. Giuliani showdown.
Giuliani remains the favorite, but at 10-1 odds that would be a showdown that Mike Huckabee might just be able to win.


Iowa and Florida Polls: Huckabee Dominated Debate

According to the Southern Political Report, surveys of both decided and undecided voters in the states of Florida and Iowa show that Mike Huckabee decisively won last night's debate. Here are the numbers:

The Florida survey conducted with the Florida Chamber of Commerce showed the following results:

Huckabee: 44%
Giulani: 18%
Romney: 13%
McCain: 10%
Thompson: 5%
Paul: 4%
Hunter: 1%
Tancredo: 1%
Rest: undecided

A survey of Iowa Republicans of over 1,035 Iowa Republicans taken in the last twenty minutes of the debate showed Huckabee the winner in that state as well. The numbers virtually mirrored Florida. They were:

Huckabee: 32%
Romney: 16%
Giuliani: 12%
McCain: 10%
Thompson: 7%
Paul: 6%
Tancredo: 2%
Hunter: 0%
Rest: undecided

I love this last bit: "In the media Spin Room, most of the major candidates were left with little if any media attention as virtually all print and broadcast media circled Governor Huckabee."

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Debate. Huckabee Wins. 'Nuff Said.

Another debate. Another win.

Update: More debate analysis here, here, here, here.

Update 2: Here's a GREAT roundup of top media and blogger opinion about the debate provided by Race 4 2008. Click here.

Huckabee Surge Expanding: Rising in Florida; Up to #3 Nationally

According to Rasmussen's latest national poll Mike Huckabee has surged into third place NATIONALLY behind Guiliani and Romney. Bear in mind that Huckabee has done this with NO MONEY and his campaign has been primarily focused in Iowa for months.

Perhaps even more importantly, another new poll shows Huckabee has exploded into second place in Florida...the most important swing state.

And, folks, this is for the GOP nomination...if Huckabee is this attractive to Florida's hard core conservatives, he WILL win Florida in the general election. We believe ... no, we KNOW...that in a general election Mike Huckabee will pull the largest contingent of traditionally democratic voters since Reagan.

In fact, we are comfortable predicting that, should the GOP nominate Mike Huckabee, he will win the general election by an electoral landslide. Mark our words. We were right about Mike Huckabee when it was just us and him who thought he could be president -- and we might have thought it before even HE did :)

This is evidence that Huckabee's MESSAGE resonates....and as the money comes in (as it is now) more and more people will hear this message. The Huckabee train is rolling, folks. It's time to get on board.

Mike Huckabee is the RIGHT person at this time in our history to be president. It's going to happen. None of us who write this blog -- or those who have been loyal readers since 2005--are surprised by this. We've known it for years.

Huckabee's campaign is not just going to change THIS is going to change U.S. presidential politics forever. How many great people for the last 200+ years -- people who would have been great presidents--have stayed out of the race because they believed they could not compete for lack of funds?

Huckabee has changed all that.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Huckabee Catches Romney; Has Stronger Support

The polls continue to confirm Gov. Mike Huckabee's remarkable surge in Iowa (8% in July vs. 24% today). Contrast that with Romney's poll numbers over the same period of time (26% in July vs. 28% today).

Huckabee's surge is even more remarkable considering he has done it with almost no money and no organization in Iowa, while Romney has been spending millions there.

And according to USA Today, not only is Huckabee's support exploding, but it is also a "stronger" type of support than the other candidates are enjoying.

Huckabee is winning with his message and his ideas. Romney is just trying to buy a win. Iowans are far too politically astute to let that happen.

Of course, none of this a surprise to readers of this blog. We've been telling you it was going to happen since 2005.


Sunday, November 18, 2007

MHP2008 Milestone

Folks, we are proud to say that Mike Huckabee President 2008 has surpassed another milestone. As of this morning, we have exceeded 350,000 visitors to this blog.

The first 250,000 took over two years. The next 100,000 took just a few weeks.

Thank you to all of you.

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

New Poll: Huckabee Takes Lead in Iowa!

From National Review Online:

The Rise and Rise of Mike Huckabee

Latest ARG poll from Iowa: Romney 26%, Huck 24%. At this rate, Huck might be ahead pretty soon.

UPDATE: More from that poll: “Among registered Republicans saying they will definitely participate in the Republican caucuses on January 3, Mike Huckabee is at 24%, Mitt Romney is at 23%, Fred Thompson is at 13%, Rudy Giuliani is at 11%, and John McCain is at 10%.”

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Washington Post: Huckabee Closing on Romney in Iowa

Mike Huckabee may not just do well in Iowa. He may WIN Iowa.

Check it out HERE.

Text for you follows:

Now is our time. Give to Huckabee at

What to make of Mike Huckabee?

The former Arkansas governor has been treated, so far, like a second-tier candidate, thanks largely to his failure to raise money and his lack of name recognition outside of a National Governor's Association annual meeting.

But has that all changed? Has he become a legitimate, top-tier challenger for the Republican nomination? And, more importantly, are real voters flocking to his Christian populist message?
There is evidence that the answer to all three questions might be yes.
In Iowa, two polls have shown him surging into second place behind former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney. And a strong second at that. A New York Times/CBS poll has him at 21 percent in Iowa, behind Romney's 27 percent.

Is that a real reflection of Huckabee's support among Republicans in the state?
Perhaps. Huckabee has basically moved his campaign to the state (see story) and believes that his support among white, evangelical voters will help him catch up to Romney's superior organization.

In a Washington Post-ABC News poll of likely Iowa Republican caucus-goers conducted earlier this year, 17 percent of protestant evangelicals said they supported Huckabee, just behind Romney. Huckabee has said money is now rolling in and is hoping to surprise everyone.
"In Iowa, people auction their cattle, but not their presidential candidates. It's not so much about how much money you spend. It's about whether your message is connecting with the people," Huckabee said on Fox News today. "Clearly the folks in Iowa are used to this process. They sort through the fluff and they get down to the stuff."

But polling in a caucus state can be unreliable, since someone's voting intention--communicated to a pollster--can change when they walk into a caucus, where their neighbors can try to persuade them.

Romney's aides are taking Huckabee seriously, since their entire strategy depends on Romney winning the Hawkeye State before heading to New Hampshire.
"Mike Huckabee's second place finish in Ames is just one indication of the strength of other campaigns in Iowa," wrote Romney spokesman Kevin Madden in an email briefing for reporters yesterday.

Madden was trying to raise expectations for Huckabee (and lower them for Romney). In the memo, he wrote that "don't forget: SOMEONE has to finish second in Iowa."

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sen. Charles Grassley: "All Huckabee Needs is Money."

Iowa Senator Charles Grassley is highly influential. His endorsement is considered extremely important for any presidential candidate to win not just the Iowa caucus, but by extention the nomination.

Here's what Grassley had to say yesterday when he was asked by the Washington Post who he plans to endorse:

"I think the guy who could surprise everybody is Huckabee," Grassley said, referring to former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, a second-tier candidate with minimal resources, whose support has been rising. "He seems to be catching on a little bit. His presentations are good. He fits in well with social conservatives."

Huckabee is the guy who matches up best with Iowa Republicans, Grassley said. "It's demeanor, background, personal beliefs, friendliness, stuff like that. How he conducts himself, things of that nature. I'm talking about who fits in with the average Iowan, who are they going to feel comfortable with."

So why not endorse him? Because, Grassley explained, he's not yet raised enough money. "If he had $10 mllion to spend on television, to reinforce what he tells you personally, then I think it would make a difference," Grassley said.

So, folks...there you have it. Governor Mike Huckabee has proved that he has the message and "what it takes" to win not just in Iowa, but to win the nomination. And no one knows the Clintons better...and how to beat them better... than Mike Huckabee.

NOW IS OUR TIME. If every conservative, pro-lifer and Christian gave $10 today Mike Huckabee would have more than he needed to win this. PLEASE give today, and ask all your friends to give today, too.

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Friday, November 09, 2007

Dobson Preparing to Endorse Huckabee?

Rumors are flying that Dr. James Dobson, famed Christian leader, is preparing the endorse Gov. Mike Huckabee for President. This would generate instant "front runner" status and potentially millions in fundraising.

Here's the report from Active Christian Media: "If the following news from the American Spectator is correct, then we might just see a Republican primary like we’ve never seen before, because Dr. James Dobson is rumored to be ready to endorse Mike Huckabee as the Republican candidate. Here’s a snip from the American Spectator article: 'Sources close to Dobson say that within the next ten days he is coordinating an endorsement plan with the presidential campaign of former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee. According to a Huckabee insider in Iowa, the event would be staged in that state at a rally, followed by a bus tour across the state, and an appearance by Huckabee on Dobson’s radio show, which is heard nationally. Dobson’s endorsement, according to the Huckabee source, could mean millions in fundraising to the campaign, allowing it to compete at the same level with the top tier candidates Huckabee has been inching toward in the polls after a series of strong debate and campaign appearances.'”

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Dick Morris: Huckabee Could Win Iowa

Check out this article by Dick Morris from Real Clear Politics:

Huckabee Can Win in Iowa

Mike Huckabee is on a roll. Nationally, I just won my bet with Bill O’Reilly when he broke 10 percent in the latest CNN poll. And in Iowa, he is now running second. Mitt Romney is in the lead at 27 percent, according to the latest American Research survey, with Huckabee nipping at his heels at 19 percent. Rudy Giuliani is in third at 16. John McCain still has a residue of 14 percent support left, and Fred Thompson, fading fast, is down to 8 percent.

So Huckabee is within striking distance. When Perrier had to cope with the scandal about the alleged adulteration of its product, it was evident that all the beverage had going for it was its purity. It had no taste. Compromise its purity and it was sunk. Romney is in much the same situation. His candidacy is based on his being an alternative to Giuliani, conservative on social issues. But if his purity is compromised, he could be in trouble.

But Romney was once pro-life. Then he ran in Massachusetts and became pro-choice. Then he decided to run in the Republican primary for president and he became pro-life again. His flip-flop-flip may get him in big trouble in Iowa.

Rudy is, of course, pro-choice. McCain, rightly or wrongly, was criticized for hurting the social conservative movement by limiting its ability to spend money on its pet causes in the McCain-Feingold legislation. And Fred Thompson lobbied for a pro-choice abortion-rights group in the early 1990s and has been squishy on the issue ever since.

That leaves Mike Huckabee as the only pure pro-life candidate, a social conservative who has never moved to the left.

Huckabee could be vulnerable on his tax record in Arkansas, but his support for the Fair Tax likely wipes away that issue.

But Huckabee has no money. Yet, despite a total absence of advertising, he has risen steadily in Iowa from single digits to double digits to second place. Indeed, his lack of funding may be creating a reverse chic, attracting voters who are turned off by the massive hard sell of the other campaigns.

So what happens if Huckabee keeps rising and wins in Iowa? It likely sets up a three-way contest in New Hampshire, with Huckabee, Romney and Giuliani facing off against one another. Romney has the money. Rudy has the stardom. And Huckabee would have the momentum.
This all may be a pipe dream, but in a caucus state, where turnout is low and enthusiasm is at a premium, Huckabee’s demonstrated ability to generate passion among his followers would stand him in good stead.

Remember what happened in Ames, Iowa, where Romney won the straw poll based largely on his ability to write $35 checks to enroll his voters in the paid admission-only event. Huckabee finished a strong second with 18 percent of the vote even though his voters had to pay their own way. Huckabee said, “I can’t afford to buy you. I can’t even afford to rent you.”
And at the Values Convention, Romney once again papered the house with paid-for absentee voters who enrolled for $1 each and voted for Mitt. Huckabee, with no money, addressed the gathering and stirred such passion that he swept the votes of most who were there and finished second, again.

Right now Iowa looks like a Romney rout. But Huckabee could surprise everybody before the votes are counted.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Huckabee Surge Accelerates

A quick Google News search for "Mike Huckabee" confirms it... Huckabee's authenticity, as we've predicted, is beginnning to swamp the so-called "front-runners."

Its not too late to get on board for the inevitable Mike Huckabee are welcome here.
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Thursday, November 01, 2007

CNN: Huckabee Surging

Check out the great video of Gov. Huckabee's interview on CNN this morning.
Click HERE.