Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kos on Huckabee

We started telling you months ago that the left fears Huckabee. Well, that fear continues to grow. Today, we're tickled to see this post from Kos, of The Daily Kos, perhaps the biggest lefty blog there is.

Because these posts have a way of disappearing from time to time, we provide an excerpted version for you here, plus some of our favorites comments.



Wed May 31, 2006 at 10:43:21 AM PDT

When people look at the GOP field for 2008, they worry about McCain or Allen or even Romney. You want to know who the strongest GOP candidate would be, the one that would make me lose sleep at night? Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee. The guy is a scary good politician and the more Republican voters see him around the country, the more support he'll get.

Gotta give him credit where due (7+ / 0-)
Arkansas, per capita, accepted far and away more refugees from Louisiana than any other state. Huckabee was all over that. Would never vote for the guy, but he gained my respect with his Katrina response.
by bherner on Wed May 31, 2006 at 10:42:25 AM PDT

I've been saying this to my husband (0 / 0)
Every time Huckabee comes to Iowa or I see him on tv, I get worried. This weight loss thing is something everyone can admire--it makes him seem nonpartisan, when in fact he's a total ideologue. When he was doing the book tour for his memoir about losing the weight, he smartly DID NOT use his tv appearances to smash the Democrats. He is building up his favorables and name recognition now. Later, when he's running for president and is a media darling, there will be plenty of time to slime the Dem nominee.
I am very worried.
by desmoinesdem on Wed May 31, 2006 at 01:44:50 PM PDT

No doubt! (8+ / 0-)
Can't remember which one, but Jon Stewart pointed him out once as, "the next President of the US." Just saw him on Colbert and he's very scary as a candidate. Totally off the radar, but could sneak by McCain.
by dbodinem on Wed May 31, 2006 at 10:38:33 AM PDT

Corroboration (4+ / 0-)
My hard-core Republican-activist connected-to-party-leadership friend, who formerly supported McCain and who has been bad-mouthing Bush for half a year or more, has started talking up Gov. Huckabee.
by word is bond on Wed May 31, 2006 at 10:40:12 AM PDT

So what're we gonna do about it? (nt) (1+ / 0-)
by GussieFN on Wed May 31, 2006 at 10:44:35 AM PDT

The obvious (2+ / 0-)
Run Hillary...
Oh, no, wait, you wanted a serious, non-disastrous option... erm... nope, I've got nothing.
by Rob M on Wed May 31, 2006 at 10:47:39 AM PDT

We be on the same wavelength, Kos (8+ / 0-)
I've been telling everybody I know that Huckabee could come out of the wilderness and catch us napping in '08. Of course, I said the same thing about a certain governor of Texas just after he won reelection in 1998...and my Democrat friends laughed at me.
So what do I know?
by wmtriallawyer on Wed May 31, 2006 at 10:47:28 AM PDT

Huckabee's not a threat (1+ / 0-)
Unless you're Bill Clinton, you can't be a serious contender when you're the governor of Arkansas. Most small-state politicians are not ready for prime-time (such as Dean) unless they've been preparing their whole life, as Clinton was. Once the media stops ooing and aahing over Huckabee's weight loss and focuses on his extreme conservatism, that's when he turns into the next George Allen.
by dole4pineapple on Wed May 31, 2006 at 10:57:24 AM PDT

Have you seen Huchbee stump? (0 / 0)
This guy is not only ready, he might be in Clinton's league.
by js noble on Wed May 31, 2006 at 01:42:21 PM PDT

Let me put it this way... (0 / 0)
When I saw him on Colbert, I didn't know his party -- I was really concerned when I saw that he was Republican. If'd he been a Democrat, he might have been my candidate. THAT'S why he's a threat. Not fake-likable like Bush, actually likable. Think McCain minus the anger, Reagan with a better sense of humor. Of course, it was only a couple of minutes. Let's hope he fouls up in longer venues.
by LABobsterofAnaheim on Wed May 31, 2006 at 12:55:30 PM PDT

Exactly, (2+ / 0-)
you've nailed it completely. Huckabee is dangerous because he's intelligent, sharp, charismatic, and witty. Granted, the current Republican president is none of these things, but neither were the candidates he went up against.
I could see Huckabee pulling over a lot of votes on charisma alone.
by pico on Wed May 31, 2006 at 11:22:11 AM PDT

Editor's Note: Hey, Kos readers! See you in 2008.


Thursday, October 26, 2006

Voters Like Huckabee's Resume

Zogby has released a poll designed to measure voters' preferances for Presidential candidates without regard for their name recognition. This "blind poll" reports some interesting results.

Governor Mike Huckabee's resume, for example, ranked ahead of Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, Virginia Sen. George Allen, Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback, Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, and New York Gov. George Pataki.


Friday, October 20, 2006

Huckabee in Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated recently conducted a great interview with Gov. Mike Huckabee about his leadership in health and fitness and his public policy initiatives to help combat the national obesity epidemic that threatens to shorten lives and bankrupt the country.

It's a great article, but here's the part that was of particular interest to us:

SI: Last March you ran the Little Rock Marathon with the bib number "2008." Care to make this space the place where you announce a run for a higher office?

Huckabee: Well, let just say with every step I take I'm getting closer and closer to the year 2008 in more ways than one.


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Huckabee to Imus: "Keep Supporting McCain"

Governor Mike Huckabee appeared on national TV and radio with Don Imus (Imus in the Morning) today. Among the things discussed was Huckabee's possible run for the presidency in 2008 against Imus' buddy John McCain.

Imus jokingly attempted to make an issue out his support for McCain over Huckabee, but the Governor encouraged Imus to continue supporting McCain, noting that Imus' favorites have rarely won.

"Good luck," Imus grumbled. "But I'm still going with McCain."

"Well, keep at it," Huckabee replied. "I've got a shot if you do."

Monday, October 16, 2006

Huckabee to Lawmakers: "Cut Taxes"

Let's say you went to the store to buy a gallon of milk. The milk is $2.50 but you accidentally give the cashier a $50 bill, thinking it was a $5. "Oops," you say. "Let me have that $50 back and I'll give you this $5 bill." But the cashier looks you in the eye and says: "I'm sorry, but since you already gave me your $50 bill, I'm going to keep it. But here is your $2.50 change for the $5 you meant to give me."

What would you do?

Well, that very thing is happening in Arkansas.

Under Governor Mike Huckabee's leadership, the state of Arkansas has experienced low unemployment, good job growth, and a lively economy. And because of all these factors, the state is also experiencing an enormous surplus in its tax collections. The surplus, somewhere in the neighborhood of $700,000,000 has sparked some heated debate.

Governor Huckabee, a pragmatic fiscal conservative, is calling for Arkansas' democratically- controlled legislature to cut taxes and rebate the money.

But what do you suppose the entrenched democratically-controlled legislature wants to do with it?

You guessed it. They want to steal it.

"Too bad," Arkansas' democrats are saying to the taxpayers. "I know you didn't mean to overpay us, but we're going to keep it."

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Huckabee Impresses in Michigan

Sorry for the low number of posts of late. It is just going to be that way until after the election next month. Don't worry! This blog is alive and well, as you will soon see.

Here's a nice post from Redstate by Saul Anuzis, Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party. Saul describes Governor Huckabee's recent appearance there on behalf of Michigan GOP candidates as follows:

"Govenor Mike Huckabee was the special guest at a fundraiser on Grosse Ile. I introduced the Governor as one of America’s “wittiest” politicians, and he didn’t disappoint. The Governor laid out his vision for American, talked about why Republicans should be the party of the future and the referred to the political opportunities in Michigan to win both the Governors and Senate race as the “Michigan Miracle”. He said most of the rest of the country was on defense, while we in Michigan were playing offense. Tonight he will be our special guest at a Chairman’s Council dinner in Oakland county. A very impressive guy…there’s no wonder why folks are talking about him for 2008."

Thanks, Saul!


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Has The Republican Party Lost It's Way?

We were saving this post for later, but recent news has prompted us to get it up for you now.

Originally, we began contemplating whether or not the Republican party has lost it's way because of the consistent willingness on the part of self-proclaimed conservatives to entertain the idea of nominating a blatantly pro-choice candidate (Giuliani, Rice) or candidates with dubious abortion credentials at best (McCain, Romney).

That is sad and frightening enough...but now the news of the sex scandal involving children -- and seeming cover-up by House leaders, has caused us great concern.

Has the Republican party strayed so far from it's core beliefs that it is willing to throw away its key platform position on abortion? Have we strayed so far that we are willing to sacrifice the welfare of a child for the sake of maintining a Congressional seat?

And not only this, but the steady drumbeat of resignations of GOP leaders over issues of corruption. Each one seeming to drive yet another nail into the fate of the party at next month's election.

We fear the American people are going to render a harsh judgement on our party next month. And if they do, we brought it upon ourselves.

This is a wake-up call to all conservatives. The GOP cannot -- MUST NOT -- abandon our socially conservative heritage and we must not abandon our compassion for those who need help the most.

The fact that so-called conservatives are touting pro-choice candidates is troublesome enough, but what is truly frightening is what Republican insiders are beginning to say:

Republican consultant Cheri Jacobus said recently there will be an internal fight over what the priorities for a 2008 presidential candidate should be. She said it is "realistic" that foreign policy "will take precedence" over other issues, like abortion.

And Kellyanne Conway, a Republican pollster and analyst, noted recently that while abortion once was a "hot" issue, it has become "muted if not neutered" by other social issues.

Democrats are gloating, saying that the popularity of pro-choice Republicans signals a major shift in the GOP base. "It should send a signal to the party if nothing else that their base wants their party to move to the center on choice," said Jano Cabrera, spokesman for the Democratic National Committee.

Is that what you believe? Has the abortion issue become "muted if not neutered" to you? Is it "realistic" that other social issues will take precedence over a "once hot issue" like abortion in 2008?

The answer to that question, sadly, is yes. Abortion could become yesterday’s issue and babies will continue to die for decades to come IF we don’t do something about it right now!

What can we do? People like us – good, strong, pro-life Christians, can band together now and get behind the only candidate who speaks with authority on the pro-life, family values agenda.

That candidate is Mike Huckabee.

Consider this excerpt from a recent interview with Huckabee conducted by www.ChristiaNet.com :

"The former Southern Baptist preacher was very frank about his relationship with Christ, strongly standing for freedom of speech at the pulpit. Huckabee discussed everything from politics to religion - neither subject is taboo for Huckabee. A man of faith and convictions, Huckabee has found what seems to be the perfect balance of state affairs and faith affairs, finding that his faith is seemingly the springboard for his service in public office."

"I have some real, deep, core convictions that drive me. I'm also cognizant that my life is going to be judged not by editorial writers, not by legislators, not by critics and people that write letters to the editor and talk on talk radio, but by the Creator of the Universe who knows me best and still loves me most."

"While he makes it look easy, Huckabee revealed that it is a constant challenge to keep the faith and work balance on a daily basis. 'Maintaining balance between my personal faith and the many pressures that one experiences in the political arena is the biggest challenge I face,' He told ChristiaNet. 'I have to make sure that I stay fresh with my personal walk with God.'"

"Being a man of Biblical values makes Huckabee a man of family values. The only Arkansas Governor to move forward on pro-life legislation, there has been positive results for informed consent and the Fetal Protection Act that provides protection if someone commits a crime that injures or kills an unborn child."

"Huckabee is also a champion for the original definition of marriage and for that marriage to stay as far away from divorce as possible. He shared what he and his office are doing to promote marriage in the traditional sense. The Covenant Marriage Act was passed in 2001. The marriage covenant act calls for premarital counseling and a cooling off period for couples considering divorce."

"Arkansas is also a pioneer in passing a constitutional amendment that legally defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman as life partners. Huckabee shared how important this amendment was to him. 'I think that it is important to do that. I regret that it has to be important. It should be that the definition of marriage is an understood given based on 5,000 years of recorded human history. Judges who have been willing, in essence, to overthrow the definition of marriage have forced states like Arkansas to amend their constitutions. In this way the definition of marriage as a union between a man and a woman as life partners, becomes clear and unequivocal.'"

"Bringing his faith into the political maneuvers is a no-brainer for Huckabee. He believes that all law was and is originally based on Christ's commandments. He explains, 'It is appropriate that we define things when society gets cloudy; that's why we have laws. The only reason we have as many laws as we do is because, as people try to find ways to break and bend them, we have to more clearly define them. So, if you think about it, the number of laws that we have is directly proportionate to the moral confusion of our society. The less confused we are morally, the fewer laws are necessary.'"

"Huckabee keeps the eternal perspective. 'As I've told people, being a governor is a temporary assignment; being a believer is an eternal assignment. I'm not going to check-out or clock-out or find a termination to my faith. It's something that 100 years from now is still going to be alive and well. Because of that, I think it's easier in many ways to be a believer and to be in public office. I have some real, deep, core convictions that drive me. I'm also cognizant that my life is going to be judged not by editorial writers, not by legislators, not by critics and people that write letters to the editor and talk on talk radio, but by the Creator of the Universe who knows me best and still loves me most.'"

America needs strong moral leadership.

America needs Mike Huckabee.

For reference to all of the information shared in this post, see: http://www.washtimes.com/national/20050315-123035-6011r.htm

and http://christiannews.christianet.com/1107179115.htm