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Michelle Malkin on Huckabee

Michelle Malkin has linked up the Townhall.com interview (thanks, Ms. Malkin and Mr. Chapman!) with Mike Huckabee today. She also implies that Huckabee might be a good choice for Republicans in 2008 "if only we could set him straight on immigration enforcement."

Ms. Malkin whines and complains about anyone and everyone who does not believe America should tar and feather every illegal immigrant who crosses our borders. In this case, she backs up her claim that Huckabee is soft on immigration by linking to an account of this story.

Don't get me wrong, we truly appreciate Ms. Malkin's kind assessment of Governor Huckabee's other attributes. We just wish that she would: 1) Further analyze his true position on immigration and give it a fair assessment, and 2) not support her assertions that he is "soft" on immigration by linking to a story by a biased blogger who did not report all the facts.

The bottom line is this: Does America punish children for the crimes of their parents?

What do you think?

Mike Huckabee is a compassionate conservative. We're not just saying that to get votes. He REALLY IS. Mike Huckabee is NEVER going to turn his back on a child of any race, religion, nationality or legal status. PERIOD. You can take it to the bank and if you don't agree, thats unfortunate.


Sunday, February 26, 2006

Welcome Townhall.com Readers

Welcome visitors from Townhall and a special thank you to Tim Chapman for the link.

In the finest southern tradition, we invite you to come on in. Make yourself at home. Spend a little time getting to know more about a fantastic and genine leader named Mike Huckabee. The "Information Center" in our sidebar is a great place to start.

Thank you, again, for visiting. Please check back often!


Q & A With Mike Huckabee

From the Salem (Oregon) Statesman Journal:

Q&A: Huckabee sees health care as pressing issue for nation

Larry Wheeler
February 26, 2006

WASHINGTON — Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, 50, chairman of the National Governors Association, is working to sell the country on the idea that healthier lifestyles will lower skyrocketing health care costs. Huckabee has a health care success story of his own — he lost more than 100 pounds through diet and exercise. He talks about that accomplishment, health care costs and other issues that will come up at the National Governors Association’s winter meeting this weekend, and his own political future.

Question: You made personal health the hallmark of your chairmanship of the governors association as well as your administration. What success have you had?

Answer: If the average American would simply maintain a normal body weight, exercise regularly at least three times a week and refrain from smoking, that person would live an additional 13 years and would spend thousands and thousands of dollars less in health care costs. In Arkansas, we have seen it really have an impact. We’ve created incentives for the Medicaid population as well as for state employees. For example, we now provide smoking cessation tools including patches or counseling for people that want to quit their addiction to tobacco. We give our state employees $20 a month discount on their health insurance for doing a health risk assessment and an additional $20 a month discount for being nonsmokers. We started making it possible for state employees to take up to 30 minutes a day for exercise. We knew that smokers were taking time away from their workstations to go and hurt themselves. It made sense to us to give employees the opportunity to go and take time from their workstation to actually improve their health and productivity. We’re the only state that does a body mass index screening of every public school student in the state in grades K through 12. We send that report home confidentially to the parents. We want parents to be aware of their child’s particular vulnerability to obesity and obesity-related illnesses.

Q: How has your personal health journey changed you?

A: My own journey is one of being diagnosed, I guess, right at four years ago with Type 2 diabetes and really having a heart-to-heart talk with my doctor who told me without a lifestyle change I’d be in the last decade of my life. It was a real wake-up call for me. I really started understanding that I had to take responsibility for my own health. I couldn’t medicate myself out of this. So I embarked upon a lifestyle change. Started eating right. Exercising regularly. Built up from being a complete, total, absolute avowed couch potato to a marathoner who will run in my third marathon in two weeks. Lost 110 pounds. I’ve gone now from the body chemistry of an old man to the body chemistry of a teenager. I literally have the blood pressure, cholesterol levels and pulse and other factors that are enviable for someone in their 20s.

Q: Governors frequently complain that Medicaid costs are too high and reforms are necessary. Is that still an issue?

A: Medicaid is always going to be an issue for the states, partly because we have an increasing number of people in the population who are becoming eligible due to the fact people are living longer. Eligibility is certainly an issue for us. We did get some reforms — the ability to create deductibles and co-pays for certain populations and optional care. People can’t divest themselves of assets (and) become Medicaid eligible when they are actually affluent. And with Medicare Part D, states, including mine, will see some savings that in the past have been Medicaid expenses.

Q: What else will governors focus on at the winter meeting?

A: We’ve got quite a stellar cast of speakers that will include former President Bill Clinton, who will be there to talk about his own health journey. I think it’s going to be a very different kind of speech for president Clinton. It’s not a policy or political speech, but really a personal pilgrimage of his own health journey. Of course, President Bush will be visiting with the governors at the White House. There will be meetings with (Defense) Secretary (Donald) Rumsfeld, at which time I’m sure we’re going to be discussing things such as the role of the National Guard both domestically and in wartime. That will be a governors-only meeting. I’m sure an area we’ll talk about is disaster preparation, in light of some of the things that have happened this past year.

Q: What’s in your political future?

A: No decisions. I’m keeping all the options open. There is speculation as to whether I might seek the Republican nomination in 2008. As I’ve told people, I might. I’m not ruling it out. But that’s a very significant decision that I’m not quite ready to make and don’t expect to be until I leave office a year from now. I’m giving thought to consideration and trying to see if there is any significant interests in my doing so. If there isn’t, then that’s my answer. So I don’t want to be disingenuous and say: “Oh no. I’ve never thought about it.” But I also don’t want to be dishonest and say “yes, I am,” or “no, I’m not,” because I don’t know the answer to either one of those firm directions.

Larry Wheeler writes for Gannett News Service. Contact him at lwheeler@gns.gannett.com.

National Governors Association:
Gov. Mike Huckabee:

Copyright 2006 Statesman Journal, Salem, Oregon

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Huckabee Moving Up

The great Political Derby has its latest call on the 2008 horse race up today and Mike Huckabee continues to advance. Now up to number 5, the Derby says of Huckabee:

"Governor Huckabee has become better at generating press outside his own backyard and it's paying off with national visibility. He still has work to do in Iowa and NH if he wants to be mentioned as a top-tier candidate, but the more the press calls him a serious 2008 hopeful, the more party activists will start to believe it."

There's much more, so click on over HERE.

Editor's note: The Derby has Huckabee ranked behind Sen. George Allen (1), Sen. John McCain (2), Rudy Giuliani (3), and Gov. Mitt Romney (4). Of these, only George Allen is a real competitor in our view. McCain is too hated by the party base to get the nomination, Giuliani is pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage, and Romney, while a good and nice man, will have tremendous difficulty selling the religious right on his Mormonism. You can consider Huckabee the defacto #2 on this list right now. You can take that to the bank.


It's Official: Huckabee 2008

Editor's Note: Looks like we're begining to see a bit of the potential graphics and theme for Governor Huckabee's presidential campaign.

Read on:

Governor Mike Huckabee plans to run in the Little Rock marathon March 5. And he'll be wearing the number 2008.

The governor got the number from marathon officials at a media event Tuesday. Little Rock Mayor Jim Dailey gave the governor a mock up of the paper number that racers pin to their clothes. The name "Mike" is in bold black lettering above the number 2008, which stands out against a yellow background. Huckabee told reporters that he guessed the number was a prank by racing official Geneva Hampton. The marathon will be Huckabee's third. His number in last year's race was 1.

The governor has gained a higher profile since losing 100 pounds and writing a book on healthy living. Huckabee has said he's considering running for president in 2008, but has said he hasn't made up his mind. Recently, the governor has visited states including Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, all of which are important in the primary election season.

Monday night Huckabee was in Spartanburg, S.C., to speak to a Republican group. He also has traveled to Washington, D.C., several times and plans to visit with President Bush this weekend, along with other NGA members. The Little Rock Marathon isn't exactly a prerequisite for the White House but marathon runner Gov. Mike Huckabee, who’s considering a presidential bid, may get some inspiration from his assigned racing number this year -- 2008.

"I'm sure it will create a few questions," Huckabee said, laughing. Huckabee's first attempt at completing a 26.2-mile race was last year's Little Rock Marathon. He also ran the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington in October. Huckabee completed his first race in 4 hours and 38 minutes and bested himself by 1 minute in the Washington race. He said he hoped to do as well in March. He wouldn't predict a time for himself.

(THV & The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

Promoted From Comments

"...you guys are having a profound impact on the Presidential race. There is a buzz on the internet about Huckabee and it is in large part your doing.
Keep up the good work supplying me with stories..."

Justin Ready
2008 Political

Thank you, Justin! We really enjoy and appreciate the information you provide at 2008 Political Perspective, as well!


Huckabee Rallies South Carolina GOPers

Last night in South Carolina, Governor Mike Huckabee spoke to the Spartanburg County Republican Convention, rallying GOPers with his predictions of victory in November's mid-term elections.

While visiting the home of the "first in the South" GOP primary, Huckabee downplayed his possible candidacy for the presidency in 2008. However, reporter Dan Hoover of the Greenville News noted that Huckabee's "aides were doing just the opposite, handing out press kits packed with favorable news articles."



Wall Street Journal: Huckabee a Contender

Here's a well-reasoned piece by John Harwood of the Wall Street Journal.

Because these articles often disappear after a while, we're reproducing it in its entirety, below. For its original appearance, click HERE.

Hopefuls Hit The Trail

February 18, 2006; Page A2

One place, perhaps, to measure the fallout from Dick Cheney's hunting mishap will be at next week's Lexington County, S.C., Republican Party Bronze Elephant Dinner at the Columbiana Hotel. There, the featured speaker will be Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, a presidential hopeful noted for his charm, good looks and political pedigree.

Meanwhile, Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, less hunky but more connected to the religious right, will be in nearby Spartanburg, S.C. Sen. George Allen of Virginia, sometimes seen as heir to Ronald Reagan's conservatism and affability, will be working Jefferson County, Colo.

With every political blow the Bush White House suffers, the pace of the 2008 campaign quickens. Mr. Cheney's hunting accident, which consumed one week of the party's 2006 recovery effort, has further whetted primary voters' appetites for what comes next. Next week, with the Presidents Day holiday and Congress in recess, provides candidates time on the trail.

That's true for Democrats, too. While Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry visits Colorado next week, his former running mate, Sen. John Edwards, heads for Iowa. Hillary Rodham Clinton's Senate re-election race, meanwhile, will take her not to Chappaqua, Manhattan and Ticonderoga, but to Charlotte, Miami and Tampa.

On the Republican side, the dominant figure currently is Sen. John McCain of Arizona. As the party's 2000 runner-up, Mr. McCain in some ways fits the Republican tradition of elevating the candidate next-in-line. Celebrated as a maverick, he fits the Republican zeitgeist of the moment: hawkish on Iraq like the party faithful, tough on spending as conservatives sour on the administration's fiscal record, capable of attracting the cross-party support that Mr. Bush now needs.

Yet lingering distrust among conservative activists leaves an opening for an alternative. Insiders view the orthodox Mr. Allen, son of the famed football coach, as most formidable. But Mr. Romney's pizzazz and Mr. Huckabee's earnestness also make them contenders in a race that often rewards the executive experience of governors.

Among Democrats, Mrs. Clinton dominates. In a recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey, she swamped second-place Mr. Edwards by 41% to 14% in a 2008 primary matchup. She enjoys near-complete trust among party activists, notwithstanding her vote to authorize the Iraq war.
That leaves potential opponents with the hope that Democrats who adore Mrs. Clinton's politics will conclude that her polarizing image prevents her from carrying swing states such as Ohio, Florida and New Mexico. The same Journal/NBC poll shows her losing -- narrowly -- in a hypothetical matchup with Mr. McCain.

"It is possible the numbers won't improve and she won't run," the strategist for one rival says. Calculations like that, rather than assessments of the Bush administration's checkered health and modest agenda, will increasingly preoccupy the nation's political class as winter turns to spring.

Write to John Harwood at john.harwood@wsj.com

Monday, February 20, 2006

Huckabee Heads To White House

Healthy America initiative, White House visit top Huckabee's trip to Washington

Sunday, Feb 19, 2006
By Rob Moritz
Arkansas News Bureau

LITTLE ROCK - Gov. Mike Huckabee met with presidential advisor Karl Rove last week and will be talking national issues next weekend in the nation's capitol. All talk surrounding the governor's political aspirations aside, Huckabee is also scheduled to visit the White House and meet with the president's Cabinet.

Next Saturday, the nation's governors will gather in Washington, D.C., for the annual winter meeting of the National Governor's Association. Huckabee, who is NGA chairman, will lead the weekend meeting and improving the health of Americans, one of his pet projects, will be one of the key topics for discussion. Along with discussing Medicaid reform, global economic competitiveness, international education and emerging energy technologies, the nation's governors and their spouses are to dine with President Bush and first lady Laura Bush at a black-tie affair next Sunday night at the White House.

The following day, the governors will return to the White House for meetings with the president and members of the Bush Cabinet to discuss critical issues affecting states. Former President Bill Clinton, who was governor of Arkansas before being elected president in 1992, will be keynote speaker to the governor's on the final day of the four-day NGA winter meetings. Lee Scott, president and CEO of Bentonville-based Wal-Mart Stores Inc., is also scheduled to address the governors during the winter meetings.

Huckabee, who has lost more than 100 pounds, has launched a Healthy Arkansas initiative and a national healthy living program and written a best-selling book on the subject, has been mentioned as a possible candidate for president in 2008. Last week, like he has several times in recent months, Huckabee again downplayed any talk or speculation about his political future.

When asked whether he planned to talk to Rove, who was in Conway on Thursday attending a Republican Party fundraiser, the governor said he would meet with Rove.

"Do you plan on talking about your political future with him?" a reporter asked. "I don't know what that is," the governor responded. "I may not have one."

Huckabee did say during the exchange that he is excited about the upcoming winter meetings and is looking forward to talking about a variety of issues affecting states. "It's an opportunity for states to share ideas," the governor said.

Huckabee, who was selected chairman of the NGA last summer in Des Moines, Iowa, said next week's NGA meetings will give governors opportunities to exchange ideas about issues their states face. After a press conference last week at the Governor's Mansion, where awards were handed out to restaurants offering healthy food choices, Huckabee said other states have expressed interest in following Arkansas lead.

"This is the kind of thing that we will be talking about the NGA," the governor said. "It's an idea that other states are already looking at doing. We pick up ideas from them as well."

The governor said that he toured an Iowa public school with Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack a few months ago and learned about a program that allows parents to monitor what their children are eating at lunch. "It's an amazing program where the kids get a card for their menu offerings when they go to the school dining hall and it keeps a good track" of what they are eating, he said.

"Their parents can log in on the Internet and find out exactly what their kids ate." Huckabee said the program costs each school district about $1,200. The governor said the goal of his Healthy America initiative isn't for state governments to pass laws mandating people eat healthy and exercise.

"We need to encourage other states to create sort of a movement, because that's really how it needs to happen, not trying to force people by legislation to a behavior, but move the market place, create incentives and a positive environment where people make those choices naturally," he said.

More than 45 state governors expected to attend the four-day event.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Mike Huckabee's Ideas Catching On

Here is a great article from the Indianapolis Business Journal that recognizes the seriousness of the obesity epidemic in America and credits Governor Mike Huckabee for being the national leader in the fight for better health (and reduced health care costs!).

Here's an excerpt. You can find the entire article HERE.

"...[Arkansas] can provide more anecdotal evidence, plus inspiration and guidelines for our governor and the Indiana General Assembly. That state's governor, Mike Huckabee, was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2003. His doctor told him he would probably be dead in 10 years. Huckabee was 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighed 290 pounds. Not anymore. After changing his diet and lifestyle, Huckabee lost 110 pounds."

"Meanwhile, he has morphed into an anti-obesity zealot and a leader in state government efforts to improve health and stem the rising tide of health care costs. He has turned Arkansas into a state on the cutting edge of introducing laws and policies that encourage healthier lifestyles."

Friday, February 17, 2006

Ark. Governor Puts Health At Forefront Of Agenda

From AZcentral.com:

Ark. governor puts health at forefront of agenda

Former pastor Mike Huckabee is on a passionate crusade to bring a new culture of health in America. It's personal and political. The Arkansas governor, who's being touted as a possible presidential contender in 2008, was told by his doctors to change his couch-potato ways or else he wouldn't live much longer. He listened. The Republican lost 110 pounds and has spearheaded a campaign to create an America where kids and parents exercise more, eat right and avoid tobacco. The 50-year-old Southerner has a bag full of quips he likes to share.

"America looks a heck of a lot like an NFL football game," Huckabee said. "There are 22 people on the field who desperately need a rest. There are 60,000 people in the stands who desperately need some exercise."

But he's also fiercely passionate - and deadly serious - about reversing the tide of obesity in America. "We are now living with the first generation of young Americans who are not expected to live as long as their parents or grandparents," Huckabee said. "My own doctors told me I'd be dead in a decade without a lifestyle change."

Republic political reporter Chip Scutari chatted with Huckabee last week during the National Governors Association winter meetings here. Arkansas has been a leader in creating a healthier workforce by providing state employees with health insurance discounts if they don't smoke and providing parents with confidential results of screenings that show if students are overweight.

Question: Why has the issue of childhood obesity flown under the radar for so long?

Answer: If you look at a photo of third-graders 20 years ago and you look at a photo of a third-grade class today, there is a dramatic difference in the appearance of those children. Obesity is subtle. You don't gain 20 pounds in a year. You will be shocked when you notice how many kids are overweight now. We've raised an entire generation of children who don't think it's real food unless it comes from a paper sack or a cardboard box.

Q.: Arkansas is the only state in the country to measure the body mass index of every student. How does that work and how will it help?

A.: Body mass index is a simple computation. You weigh a child. It's done in a discreet way by the school nurse. Then you do a height measurement, and there is a table that will tell you, based on height and weight, what your body mass index is. At first it was controversial because people didn't understand what we were doing. They thought we were going to take calipers and pinch the little kids in the abdomen. We're the only state in the country who honestly knows how overweight our kids are.

Q: OK, here's a softball. Why did Time magazine name you as one of the top 5 governors in the country?

A: I think a lot of it had to do with a body of work over my entire tenure. (Huckabee has been governor for nearly 10 years.) Most of it focuses on children. Education reforms have really focused on making dramatic improvement in test scores for kids.

Q: What do you think of the job Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano is doing?

A: From what I've seen and what the Republicans in Arizona have told me is that she is really responsible. One thing about governors is that it's an unusual club in politics. It's not partisan. Governors for the most part have to be pragmatists. We have to balance budgets and make sure kids get educated.

Q: When will you decide if you're running for president?

A: It will be more than a year from now. It's a little early to make that determination. I'm not ruling it out, but I'm sure not ready to rule it in.

Q: What's the secret to losing weight?

A: It's all about lifestyle. The focus has to be on health and not losing weight. The big mistake is that most people focus on weight loss. Weight loss has a beginning and an ending. Health never does.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

2008: Democrats to Challenge Republicans for the South

Back on April 13 we blogged about an article written by Howard Fineman in which he named every conceivable Southern candidate for the 2008 Republican nomination EXCEPT Mike Huckabee. We complained about that at the time, but at least he agreed with us that keeping the South together is crucial to a Republican victory in 2008.

Fineman’s new article, published yesterday, reiterates the importance of the South in 2008 and paints Democratic Governor Mark Warner (VA) as a Southerner who could challenge Republicans' dominance in the region.

In a race between Warner and a non-Southern Republican, we believe there is a better than average chance he could peel off at least a couple of Southern states and cost us the White House. That’s why, if the Democrats are going to challenge us in the South, Republicans better nominate a real Southerner at the top of the GOP ticket.

That Southerner is Mike Huckabee.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

No Ideas Of Your Own? Steal From Huckabee.

In what is becomming a growing trend, national political figures with their eyes on the White House unashamedly steal from Mike Huckabee when they need innovative ideas. In the latest case, Newt Gingrich has begun to spout off about the epidemic of obesity and diabetes in the United States.

While we appreciate and welcome the added emphasis on this real and critical national crisis, it would be nice if Gingrich credited Governor Huckabee, who is the undisputed national leader and advocate for these issues.


Happy Blogiversary To Us!

Today is the first blogiversary of Mike Huckabee President 2008!
Wow. Time flies.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Huckabee, Clinton Co-Chair Alliance

Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and Bill Clinton are co-chairing an alliance for children's health between the Clinton Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson foundation. The program, called The Alliance for a Healthier Generation, will target obesity and encourage the development of lifelong habits for healthier lifestyles.

This effort dovetails with Huckabee's own national health initiative (Healthy America) as Chairman of the National Governor's Association.

"I've seen with my own eyes what a difference it makes when you make health and wellness a priority in schools," said Governor Huckabee. "The Healthy Schools Program will ensure that kids from all walks of life are on equal footing when it comes to learning about healthy behaviors."

For more information, click HERE and visit http://www.healthiergeneration.org/

Huckabee Running

According to Political Wire, when Mike Huckabee runs in this year's Little Rock marathon he will be able to request his own number. The number chosen is rumored to be "2008."



Thursday, February 09, 2006

Operatives: Barbour Out, Huckabee Rises

According to Chis Cilliza of The Washington Post, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour's recent announcement that he will not seek the GOP nomination for 2008 helps Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.

Here's a tidbit: "One GOP operative said Barbour's departure opens a slot for a southern governor to make some news -- and Huckabee fits that bill."

Check out the entire article HERE.


Tuesday, February 07, 2006

AP: Huckabee Has 'Immediate Standing' in S. Carolina

South Carolina will play host to the "first in the South" GOP primary, making it a very important place for a candidate to connect. South Carolina was, in fact, very important to then-Governor George Bush's success in 2000.

Thats why it is refreshing to find nice (and, for once, completely accurate) main stream news evaluations of Governor Mike Huckabee's appeal to GOP voters in South Carolina (and eventually the entire country).


According to WCNC Channel 6 TV in Charlotte, NC:

Arkansas governor makes stop in S.C.

10:37 AM EST on Tuesday, February 7, 2006
Associated Press

ROCK HILL, S.C. -- Arkansas Governor and potential 2008 presidential candidate Mike Huckabee will speak to York County's Republican convention next month.

South Carolina's G-O-P primary in 2008 is the first in the South. In 2000, the state was crucial to the campaign of then-Texas Governor George W Bush.

Huckabee ran the Arkansas Baptist State Convention for three years before terms as lieutenant governor and governor -- giving him immediate standing in overwhelmingly Christian and increasingly conservative York County.

From The Herald of Rock Hill, SC:

"For York County, this is huge," York County Republican Party Chairman Henry Eldridge said of Huckabee's visit. "It shows Republican strength here in York County can draw the biggest names."

"A York County appearance before GOP delegates and activists is the first step in creating a grass-roots campaign locally", said Rick Whisonant, political science instructor at York Technical College and an expert on local and state politics. "This is a smart move for Huckabee," Whisonant said.

"Karen Kedrowski, chairwoman of Winthrop University's political science department and an expert on the role of the mass media in politics, said Huckabee's conservative credentials will play well in York County. Huckabee ran the Arkansas Baptist State Convention for three years before terms as lieutenant governor and governor."

(Emphasis added by BSR)

Huckabee Launches Podcast

You can now sign up to receive a Podcast of Governor Mike Huckabee's weekly radio address from his home state of Arkansas.

What you'll learn:
  • What kind of person Mike Huckabee is
  • That he is gifted with eloquence
  • How he connects with people
  • That he's a real person -- not a plastic politician
  • Stuff about a neat place called Arkansas

Click HERE to sign up.


Monday, February 06, 2006

Mike Huckabee Describes Healthy America Initiative

Governor Mike Huckabee, chairman of the National Governor's Association, talked about his national Healthy America initiative in one of his weekly radio addresses.

Listen here.


Friday, February 03, 2006

Call For Life

Friday, February 3rd is Call For Life day to end abortion in America.

Governor Mike Huckabee is very strongly pro-life and so are we at the blog.

Check out the Call for Life newsletter

Huckabee In The News

More and more people are beginning to realize that Mike Huckabee is right when he says Americans' poor personal health choices have reached a critical stage, negatively impacting our lives, finances and business competitiveness.

Here's a story from Nashoba Publishing (Devens, Massachusetts).

An excerpt: "Among the initiatives [in Arkansas] was a reduction in health insurance premiums for participation in self-health assessment programs and testing the body mass index of every school child. Huckabee is the only governor to use every cent of tobacco settlement money ($223 million) for health programs."

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Other Bloggers On Mike Huckabee

Here's a very flattering post about Mike Huckabee by Nathan Shore of the UNCC College Republicans.

Thanks, Nathan!


Huckabee Calls Arkansans To Prayer

Governor Mike Huckabee, a Christian and former Baptist minister, is never shy about calling upon his constituents to pray in times of trouble. Today, he has asked Arkansans to pray for their Lieutenant Governor, Win Rockefeller (pictured), who was diagnosed late last year with a rare type of blood cancer.

Rockefeller, who was forced to withdraw from the race to replace Huckabee as Governor when he leaves due to term limits next year, underwent a bone marrow transplant that failed and must now go through the procedure again.

Huckabee said it is sad to hear that Rockefeller would have to undergo the transplant again after a period of positive progress. Huckabee said that Rockefeller's faith and courage would get him through the ordeal.

Mr. Rockefeller, our prayers are with you and your family.


Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Mike Huckabee: Inspiration To Others

One of the things we love most about Mike Huckabee is how much he truly cares about others and seeks to inspire them. He does this in all walks of his life -- from how he leads and runs the state to how he lives his life by Christian principles. He also seeks to inspire others to take control of their own health and wellness, using his own experience as proof that it can be done.

Today we're bringing you a blog post by a lady named "Jen" who discusses how Governor Huckabee is inspiring her. Consider this fair warning that "Jen" has a penchant for using some rather colorful language (which we have edited) but we feel that her sentiments are clearly worth highlighting here.

"... I think that maybe, just maybe, I'm changing my life, not just how fat I am. I have great love and great hope! Yippee! I just finished reading a book by a Republican middle-aged white man about weight loss. Now, normally, I don't give a royal **** about anything a Republican middle-aged white man has to say about anything--I stand corrected. Mike Huckabee, the governor of Arkansas wrote a book entitled, 'Stop Digging Your Grave With a Knife and a Fork.' ... I was surprised that this guy who has a lot of power had the same embarrassing stories to tell about being fat. Then, he went on to talk about 12 different things he calls STOPS that you can do to help get started. They were all very common sensical things like get your butt off the couch. Towards the end he has several different questions to ask yourself and I am going to spend some time with those questions here to help better understand the me that is me and how I became me. Confused yet? Me too, let's just see where this takes us eh?"

Jen, if you're reading this, good luck and don't ever give up!


For Jen's entire post, click HERE.

Huckabee In The New York Times -UPDATED

Nicolas Kristof’s piece in The New York Times today about Governor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas is a good one and it is generating quite a bit of attention among bloggers on both sides of the aisle.

The article describes Huckabee's national crusade against obesity and for positive health lifestyle choices. The article also asks an important question that we have addressed here before-- What kills more: obesity or terrorism?

HINT: We did the research and uncovered the answer to this question HERE.

Obesity also costs more than the war on terror (a LOT more).

The Times makes you pay for access to the article if you are not a hard copy subscriber, but here's a sampling of bloggers' reactions so far (keep checking back for updates!):

Starbucker from Ramblings of a Glass Half Full says: The basic issue is the almost-epidemic spread of diabetes and the novel way one politician is dealing with it. The best quote – “Imagine if Al Qaeda had resolved to attack us not with conventional weapons but by slipping large amounts of high-fructose corn syrup into our food supply. That would rouse us into action”

Joe at JoeTrippi.com says: "...the most creative steps under way in America at any level of the political process.”

Lefty blog EternalHope says: "While almost the whole community would disagree with Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee on just about everything, one thing we would totally agree with him on is that there is a huge obesity crisis here in America [and] Huckabee has done what many other states have not -- actively encourage healthy lifestyles through actions instead of lip service."

The Daily Mindbender has the entire article HERE.

Health & Fitness Blog says: "Thanks to Mr. Kristof for taking a break from his normal political reporting and columns to bring us a refreshing update on Huckabee's efforts to fight obesity and improve the health of America in the bargain."

Agen at Cracks in the Facade says: "Globe-trotting NYTimes columnist Nicholas Kristoff takes time out of his travels to Pakistan and Sudan to visit Arkansas, where Rebublican Governor Mike Huckabee is coming up with some creative incentives to get people to reduce their health risks, which in turn reduce health spending by the state."

Strategyunit says: "Its good to see Gov. Huckabee leading the way with Kristoff bringing this up in the media, hopefully more leaders, politicans and pundits will follow suit."

Lime.com says: “Obesity is reducing not only the quality of life of Americans, but also the fiscal soundness of our government and the competitiveness of our businesses. Doesn’t that qualify as a crisis worthy of a presidential counter-offensive? One Republican who’s championing the cause of healthier habits is Mike Huckabee."

Huckabee Remembers Coretta Scott King

Gov. Mike Huckabee said all Arkansans mourned for "one of our nation's true matriarchs." "While history will certainly remember her husband's imprint on civil rights, we are also compelled to acknowledge the immeasurable contribution she made with her steadfast spirit, determination and example of grace and Godliness."