Thursday, April 14, 2011

Huckabee Again Calls For Tax Relief

Mike Huckabee's last term as Arkansas' Governor finished its fiscal year in with a huge surplus --some estimates approaching as much as $700 million. A growing economy and historically high employment rates are just some of the many positive things Arkansans enjoyed under Huckabee's leadership, leading to the unprecedented surplus.

For months, Huckabee called upon Arkansas' Democratically-controlled legislature to do the right thing and return the surplus to the taxpayers. He also called for tax reforms to provide much deserved tax relief, such as elimination of the state's grocery tax or other measures.

Among the things Huckabee has said on the subject:

"When government has a surplus, it has more money than we have budgeted for, then it means that we have taken in more than we have to have. The money doesn't belong to us, it belongs to the taxpayers and it needs to be returned."

"To have $600 million beyond what the Legislature appropriated ... is really simply unjustifiable."

"I hope there will be a serious look, if not this year in a special session, then next year at finding ways to bring some meaningful tax reform."

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